Alcohol and Islam

It is well knowledge that Muslims do not use alcohol. It is haraam, or prohibited. They avoid all intoxicating drugs and avoid meals containing ethanol. They also avoid wearing fragrances having ALCOHOLIC DRINKS components. Alcohol is considered “Haraam” (Forbidden) by the majority of Muslims. Muslims refrain from drinking alcohol because the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him), to whom Muslims believe the Qur’an contains the word of God, forbade it.

Though Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) stated in the Qur’an that wine may have some therapeutic benefit, he thought its potential for evil was “much more than its advantages.”

Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) also banned Muslims from using other intoxicants, such as hashish, who believed that they would obscure judgment and lead to illegal activities in the same manner that alcohol did.

The Sacred Text (Holy Verse) Reads:

God, may He be praised, declares:

(To those who believe, I say: Intoxicants (all types of alcoholic beverages), gambling, Al-Ansâb, and Al-Azlâm (arrows used to seek luck or make decisions) are all abominations created by Shaitan (Satan). So, in order to be successful, avoid (completely) that (abomination).

[Surah Al-Ma’ida, Verse #: 90]

The Verse’s Interpretation is as Follows:

This section is viewed as one of the last stanzas that totally restrict cocktails after the slow forbiddance that was reasonable for the climate at the hour of plummeting of Quran and that the cocktail is a method for Satan to plant scorn and hostility between us.

Insights from Science:

Specialists say: If you are anxious to cocktails, you will bite the dust, therefore. Specialists conceded to the threat of cocktails and that they don’t leave any organ without contaminating it other than the huge expansion in fender benders, work misfortune, and viciousness mishaps that come about because of drinking them.

From the unsafe impacts of the cocktail; heart problems as the patient gripes of palpitation and this may happen in any event, when taking a modest quantity of it and these manifestations vanish once you quit drinking it. However, the dependence on cocktails can prompt deadly heart issues. Furthermore, the neuronal cells are viewed as the weakest cells to the danger, and that drinking a cup or two of cocktails may cause the demise of some synapses.

The Mark of Incomparability:

The wonder in this stanza is self-evident and it is that Allah is He magnified has denied the cocktails due to their numerous unsafe impacts and that has been as of late demonstrated by science.

Although ALCOHOLIC DRINKS addiction is a serious societal concern in both Muslim majority nations and Muslim minority, alcohol and Islam is a comparatively underestimated topic. Alcohol and Islam is also a relevant topic because of questions of religious identity concerning food and drinks recommendations and prohibitions.

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