Misbah ul Quran

Namaz Time: Fajr - 04:39 am | Dhuhr - 11:56 pm | Asr - 03:17 pm | Magrib - 05:49 pm | Isha - 07:03 pm

Read Tawaf Karty Waqt Ki Dua with English and Urdu Translation

Tawaf Karty Waqt Ki Dua is a way to promise yourself the activity with good intentions. While Making Tawaaf keeps you reminded that you have agreed to do it in a good way. Reciting Tawaf Karty Waqt Ki Dua keeps you close to Allah SWT, and you get endless blessings by reading these few words. You can read While Making Tawaaf in Arabic and its English and Urdu Translation here to know the meaning of Tawaf Karty Waqt Ki Dua.

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