Dua when dressing

Dua when starting to eat

Dua after Sneezing

Dua Entering the Masjid

Dua when beginning a journey

Dua when boarding a Vehicle

Dua when come out from the Toilet

Dua for increasing knowledge

Dua for Shab-e-Qadr

Dua for thanking someone

Dua for Virtuous Children

Dua Leaving the Masjid

Dua when descending

Dua upon sneezing

Dua when awaking

Dua for breaking fast

Dua for safety

Dua for Parents

Dua of Sehri

Dua after Namaz

Dua when entering graveyard

Dua when entering the house

Dua when entering the Toilet

Dua when forgetting to say bismillah

Dua when feeling sad

Dua when feeling anger

Dua when going to bed

Dua when joining hands

Dua when starting a any new work

Dua when leaving the house

Dua when seeing a Muslim smiling

Dua when proceeding upward

Dua when starting Wudu

Due when receiving a gift

Masnoon Duas

Masnoon Duas are the special type of daily prayers taken from the Quran and Sunnah.

A Dua is a very powerful weapon of a person (Muslim) that can transform his life. It is also due to the blessings of dua that you progress & prosper in every hardship and problem of life. Whether you are facing disease, anxiety, or sadness, these helpful supplications from the learn to read Quran and genuine Hadith of the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) defend you. Thus, people keep on praying to Almighty Allah in the hope of betterment and safety.

What are Masnoon Duas?

Masnoon Duas is a collection of some Important Duas that our Eternally Blessed Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) taught to the Muslims to recite on special occasions. The best part of such daily prayers is that they can be recited at any time of the day and night. Hence, they also help us to worship ALLAH Almighty at all times.

Such Masnoon Duas come in multiple forms and are used for a variety of everyday reasons for example – Dua for;

  • before & after meals
  • sneezing
  • beginning a journey
  • dressing
  • smiling & seeing other smiling (happy)
  • being angry or sad
  • the time of joining hands
  • thanking someone
  • performing ablution (Wadu)
  • the increase of knowledge
  • answering the call of prayer (Azan) & after Azan
  • entering & exiting the mosque, house, or the restroom
  • waking up, going to bed, or waking up from sleep at night


Even, there are particular Duas for diseases and special Islamic Month’s prayers such as a dua for:

In short, whatever you do or intend to do, there is a Masnoon Dua for every single purpose. But for an eternal benefit, one needs to repeat them every one and then.

We have gathered a list of Masnoon Duas or Wazaaif in Arabic along with English and Quran with Urdu Translation that our students can learn easily. Also, they can get many benefits by adopting the habit of reciting them at special moments of their lives.