What is a Hijab?

Hijab is a scarf or clothing worn by Muslim women to cover their hair to maintain modesty and privacy from unrelated males in public or at home. However, the concept is not unique to Islam but is embraced by other religions, such as Judaism and Christianity.

Furthermore, it is a style of clothing that many Muslim ladies wear. It is most frequently a scarf or shawl. It often protects a woman’s shoulders, neck, and hair. The hijab is very special to many Muslim women because it represents modesty, privacy, and morality.

In modern usage, the hijab refers to head coverings worn by some Muslim women. While such head-coverings can come in many forms, it often specifically refers to a cloth wrapped around the head, neck and chest, covering the hair but leaving the face visible.

Why are Hijabs worn?

While the primary reason Muslim women wear the hijab is to fulfil God’s commandment of modesty, in recent years, many women have been doing it to express their Islamic and cultural identity. So for them, the hijab holds significant meaning for their personal and religious existence.

In reality, Muslim women wear the hijab to seek God’s pleasure and uphold Islam’s code of modesty. Most women who wear hijab are constantly reminded that they do not adorn their bodies for men.

Moreover, it enables one to focus on the within rather than the exterior. Why don’t we see as many males wearing short bottoms and tighter tops as we do? How many ladies do we know who feel they need to sexualize themselves in order to get attention? Because we’ve always demanded accomplishment and intelligence instead of giving guys a pass on their appearance.

Various styles of “Hijab” are worn worldwide, which is fine as long as the conditions of hijāb are met. Some Muslim women do not wear it at all — and the Qur’an and Sunnah regard that as disobedience to the Lord of the creation (Allāh) because it opposes a direct command of His.

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